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Kuczmarski Innovation has helped over 150 clients across all industries harness the power of innovation. 

Our Clients

Case Studies

We have worked with some of the world’s most influential companies to drive innovation throughout their organization. Here are a few of the ways we have shaped innovation across all different industries and sectors.


White Space Assessment Leads to Breakthrough New Fleet Management and Logistics Business for Location-Based Services Company

Conducted strategic assessment of multiple potential growth opportunities for global mapping technology firm, ultimately mapping core capabilities with market trends and opportunities to determine ideal space of commercial deliveries. Proceeded with innovation pilot program to develop portfolio of new-to-the-company and new-to-the-world technology solutions within the fleet management and logistics industry.

food & Beverage

Developing New Product Formats, Flavor Profiles, and Meal Kits for National Salad Dressing Company

Conducted ethnographic consumer research to uncover problems and concerns dealing with preparing and planning for meals. The team capitalized on common desires related to simplifying cooking and fostering introductions to ethnically inspired meals to create a portfolio of new offerings across temperature states and meal occasions.

Professional Association

Examining the Credentialing Process and Bringing Additional Value to the Actuarial Profession

Worked with large actuarial association to understand member frustrations and preferences related to the credentialing process and continued education. Developed a series of programs and professional development opportunities for existing members as well as recommended changes to the credentialing exam process.

Consumer Goods

Discovering the Consumer Moisture Journey to Develop New Solutions for Desiccant Moisture Absorber Brand

Underwent ethnographic study to understand consumer issues related to excess moisture in the home for moisture absorption brand dealing. Expanded the scope of consumer problems past moisture absorption to prevention, detection, and research in order to develop a set of new-to-the-company offerings that would result in incremental purchases from existing and new customers as opposed to cannibalizing existing merchandise.

Aviation & Aerospace

Research in Anti-Gravity Experimentation Leads to First Commercial Space Business for National Agency

Recruited by federal aeronautics and space agency to identify potential research, development, and experimentation studies that would be ideal for gravity-free environments. Conducted study among researchers to identify cell tissue vascularization as a high-potential opportunity, ultimately leading to the first commercial venture by the administration conducting experiments with private research labs.

Government / Finance

Introducing Innovation Best Practices, Developing a Culture, and Making Connections for Federal Financial Institution

Organized a Chicago Innovation Ecosystem Tour for a local branch of a federal financial institution looking to learn innovation best practices and foster an innovative culture. Provided connection-making opportunities at innovation incubators, local FinTech organizations, and conducted interviews with key customers to understand their most pressing problems and needs.

Food Science & Technology

Aligning Global R&D Regions of Food Ingredient Producer to Create Unified Innovation Vision and Culture

Developed a full-day workshop for global R&D leadership of food ingredient company focusing on aligning on a singular culture of innovation for the organization. Conducted multiple preparatory interviews with regional heads to understand diverse priorities and desires from an ideal culture; leveraged these as key inputs to create a meaningful session with tangible outputs.

Consumer Healthcare

Creating New Product Portfolios Across Multiple Consumer Healthcare Brands

Worked with various teams across multiple consumer health brands of global healthcare and pharma organization, including oral care, skin care, and digestive health. Conducted various ethnographic studies to identify pervasive unmet problems and needs among consumers to inform the creation of four different portfolios of new product opportunities across seven total brands.


Mexican Steel Corporation Develops Innovation Strategy, Culture, and New Offerings for Scrap, Wire, Steel, and Logistics Businesses

Conducted diagnostic assessment to develop innovation strategy and governance system within Mexico’s largest steel company. Lead multiple teams across key business units to pilot innovation programs and develop portfolios of new products, services, and business models.


Healthcare Accreditation Firm Examines Brand and Customer Perceptions to Develop New Services and Communication Platform

Worked with accreditation firm to understand market trends and key stakeholder problems, issues, and frustrations with business administration and the accreditation process among ambulatory surgical centers. Leveraged a greater understanding of customers’ journeys through the accreditation process to improve brand perception through new services, improved communication platforms, and empathetic customer service.

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