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Innovation Unleashed: Building a culture that drives sustained growth

2-MINUTE READ In brief Building and maintaining an innovation culture is crucial but often elusive. 63% of executives surveyed agreed that building...

Workplace Culture

Around Phifer’s manufacturing center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, it’s not unusual to see the company CEO, Beverly Phifer, walking through the plant,...

4 Employee Communication Mistakes — and What to Do Instead

Communication is often viewed as a simplistic, innate ability. Unfortunately, many leaders don't have a natural ability to successfully communicate...

Shortcuts – Susan Kuczmarski

In this episode of the School of Thought Shortcuts Podcast, Susan Kuczmarski discusses the intersection of leadership, communication, and education....

Review of Lifting People Up by Foreward Clarion Reviews

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5 Lifting People Up is a business book that combines powerful leadership development advice with sound, actionable tips....

A Sustainable Corporate Culture Embraces the Values of All Members

Corporate culture can be extremely hard to change. Not only is it difficult to define something so intangible, but it can be challenging to identify...


Rising Together: The Story of Chicago’s Innovation Ecosystem

by Chicago Innovation

This book is a must-read for anyone in search of ways to build or grow a community fueled by collaboration, growth, and innovation. Learn firsthand:

  • Which shared values can inspire an entire city to innovate: The C.H.I.C.A.G.O. Way
  • How collaboration across industry and sector breeds innovation
  • Why individuals play a critical role in leading and inspiring a region-wide movement


Innovating . . . Chicago-Style: How Local Innovators Are Building the National Economy: Kuczmarski, Tom, Miller, Dan, Tanen, Luke, Emanuel, Rahm: 9780615548852: Books

Innovating: Chicago Style

How Local Innovators are Building the National Economy

Lifting People Up: The Power of Recognition: Susan Smith Kuczmarski, Thomas D. Kuczmarski: 9780990862512: Books

Lifting People Up

The Power of Recognition