We partner with companies to ensure long term, profitable growth through innovation

We are a focused and experienced team ready to partner with you to design tangible, revenue-generating new products, services, and growth strategies that deliver value to you and your customers.

$8 Billion

in revenues generated from new products and services


executives trained in innovation best practices


global clients cutting across all industries and sectors

Our Experience

Since 1983, we have helped organizations across industries harness the power of innovation to fuel growth strategies and develop portfolios of new products and services worldwide.

Who We’ve Helped

We have worked with clients across industries to deliver new innovations


Consumer Packaged Goods

Food & Beverage



Public Sector/Civic

We partner with businesses and teams in many different ways to innovate and drive growth.

Project Based

Ongoing Relationships


What makes us unique

Problem Solvers

We know that innovation only works when it solves real customer problems, and we have developed the tools and techniques to uncover new, unmet problems that drive significant value.

Experienced Innovators

We are the leading experts in helping companies harness the power of innovation with decades of combined experience working across industries and sectors.

We built our consulting firm at the center of Chicago’s innovation ecosystem, surrounding ourselves with innovation hubs, incubators, accelerators, and even starting our own company, Chicago Innovation. No matter the task, we bring the resources and expertise needed to solve the world’s toughest challenges.

Our expertise is fueled by our world-class innovation advisors, coaches, authors, and consultants who have backed their teachings through published books, years of research, successful product launches, and even new ventures and businesses.

Focused Partners

We only take on a select number of clients at a time to provide maximum attention and a tailored approach.

Pragmatic Creators

We provide tangible outcomes; our services yield real business opportunities that fill a pipeline of future new products and/or services.

Knowledgeable Educators

We wrote the book on innovation, and train client teams as a part of our work to assure they  learn how to continue innovating after we’re gone.

Strong Networkers

Our extensive network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovation leaders allows us to facilitate partnerships and connect clients with outside resources for developing cutting-edge innovations.

Our Core Belief

The 3 Innovation Enablers

We believe that the creation and implementation of an innovation strategy, process, and culture enables innovation to serve as a cornerstone for sustained growth

“Innovation is no longer an option for companies. In today’s hyper-competitive market, there is not a single organization on earth that is exempt from the need to innovate in order to survive. We help companies reposition their innovation goals from ‘one day’ to ‘day one’. We help them start now.”

Tom Kuczmarski, President & Founder



Our Global Reach Through Training & Workshops

Kuczmarski Innovation has taught innovation best practices to companies and executives around the world.

We create customized training and workshops to help leaders unlock the power of innovation strategies, processes, and cultures in any organization.

Training & Executive Education

For 40+ years, we have taught executives globally how to develop innovation processes, cultures, and mindsets.

Chicago Innovation

We began Chicago Innovation to connect, educate, and celebrate innovators to ensure innovation is for everyone.

Our published Books

We have published nine books on innovation and leadership to share our best practices with the world.

Focused Team. Big Impact.

Our boutique team of innovation consultants have created breakthrough products, services, and strategies for the world’s leading organizations.

We only take on a small number of clients at a time to  focus 100% on what matters most: you.