Since 1982, our expertise and proven processes have helped companies across industries achieve real-world impact and growth through innovation.

Our Core Services


Develop New Products & Services

Bring innovative products and services to market that disrupt your industry


Create an Innovation & Growth Strategy

Chart a path to future growth by developing a winning innovation strategy

Create a Culture of Innovation

Unlock the innovative potential of your workforce by democratizing innovation and empowering your employees to think creatively

Our Core Capabilities


Identify New Markets

Expand your reach and revenues by identifying untapped market opportunities and execute an action plan to gain a competetive advantage

Conduct Human-Centered Market Research

Uncover deep customer insights and pain points to make informed decisions that drive product innovation and business growth.

Transform Internal Processes & Improve Efficiency

Accelerate turnaround, optimize processes, and improve operational health to boost productivity and output

Our Innovation Training & Workshops

For over 40 years, Kuczmarski Innovation has taught innovation best practices to companies and executives around the world on how to develop innovation processes, cultures, and mindsets.

We create customized training and workshops to help leaders and teams at all levels learn innovation best practices to unlock the power of innovation and fuel sustained growth.

What You Can Expect

Uncover innovation best-practices from expert innovation leaders

Learn how to develop and implement an innovation strategy

Discover new ways to identify and evaluate innovation opportunities
Master the tools and techniques of human-centered design
Create a culture of innovation in your organization
Develop the skills to lead innovation projects successfully

Who We’ve Trained

Innovation should be a top priority for your organization.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about how we can empower your team to achieve its innovation goals.

Innovation Is About People

Our work is rooted in people and backed by research, data, and analytics.

By understanding your audience on a deeper level – as humans rather than just users – we help you create products and experiences that move markets.

We work with you to turn user research into actionable outcomes so that your team can align on a key strategic direction, find opportunities for solutions and innovation, and create a world full of things that people love.


No matter what you want to achieve through innovation…
Creating New Products & Services
Developing a Winning Innovation Strategy
Understanding Customer Priorities
Identifying Untapped Markets to Enter
Partnering with Startups & Forming Joint Ventures
Converting Ideas into Business Opportunities
Filling and Optimizing Your Innovation Pipeline
Fostering & Democratizing a Culture of Innovation
Evaluating and Measuring Innovation Performance
Repositioning Your Brand
Transform a Business Model
Go-To-Market Innovation Strategy
…we’re here to help you get there, fast.

Let’s Connect

Contact us about your project, speaker requests, media inquiries, or innovation questions and let’s talk about what we can create, build, and scale together.