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Risk-Reducer Blueprints

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Innovation blueprints any corporate innovator needs to successfully reduce risk while innovating

Risk-Reducer #1: Define Innovation Your Way

Define what innovation means for your organization, craft your innovation vision, and identify a direction forward for innovation and growth at your company

Risk-Reducer #2: Think Strategically, Then Tactically

The 5 steps to crafting your innovation strategy will help ensure that everyone is aligned and understands which types of innovations should be brought forward.

Risk-Reducer #3: Say “I Do”

See how your current innovation revenues stack up against world-leading innovation portfolios and commit to which types of innovation your organization will pursue.

Risk-Reducer #4: Create a Balanced Portfolio

Use this template to clearly define what a single, double, triple, and homerun are for your innovation launches and determine revenue ranges and timeline developments for your projects.

Risk-Reducer #5: Rely on Problems, Not Ideas

Use this template for your ethnographic research planning, then use the customer problem journey canvas to understand the product or service experiences of your customers, consumers, or end users to ultimately ideate potential solutions to their biggest problems.

Risk-Reducer #6: Build Failure into the Financials

Failure in innovation is inevitable. This template will help your team determine the revenues gained from your balanced innovation portfolio after factoring in failure rates.

Risk-Reducer #7: Form 3-D Teams

This template will show you how to form dedicated, diverse, and dimensional teams, use incentives, and clarify what success looks like so that the team is aligned.

Risk-Reducer #8: Sustain an Innovation Culture

This template will guide you through your own innovation culture blueprint to determine your ideal culture and what is required of both team members and leaders to achieve it.

Risk-Reducer #9: Measure Innovation as You Go

Setting up successful metrics means establishing accountability, agreeing on a set of both process and culture metrics to measure, and calculating outcome metrics from your innovation performance over time.

Risk-Reducer #10: Cultivate Your Innovation Network

This blueprint outlines all the specific types of organizations your team should form valueable partnerships with to make innovation a collaborative, long-term game.