Innovation Culture

Discover how to create a productive culture of innovation

Creating an Innovation Culture

Kuczmarski Innovation works with your senior leadership team to establish the values and behaviors you want your organization to espouse, and then develops structures and program to make this a reality.

The Kuczmarski Innovation Culture Development Process

We leverage a 4-step process that begins with defining the ideal corporate culture and ultimately aligns the organization under a single vision for the type of workplace we want to create.

Peopleship Development Series

In this Kuczmarski Innovation workshop series, you can get hands-on experience from award-winning authors, Tom and Susan Kuczmarski, on how to best lead with a new style of leadership which puts people first – peopleship.

Unique Learning Approach

Leaders across your organization will meet with our experts in 3 half-day sessions over the course of 2 months enabling hands-on learning and real-world application

Unlock the Power of Peopleship

Learn how to leverage Tom and Susan’s new approach to leadership – Peopleship – which focuses on lifting people up in the organization and recognizing their efforts.

Integrate Learnings in Real Time

Attendees will learn how to integrate these learnings into their own organization in between sessions with guidance and feedback from our KI Peopleship experts.

Past Experience

Government / Finance

Introducing Innovation Best Practices, Developing a Culture, and Making Connections for Federal Financial Institution

Organized a Chicago Innovation Ecosystem Tour for a local branch of a federal financial institution looking to learn innovation best practices and foster an innovative culture. Provided connection-making opportunities at innovation incubators, local FinTech organizations, and conducted interviews with key customers to understand their most pressing problems and needs.

Food Science & Technology

Aligning Global R&D Regions of Food Ingredient Producer to Create Unified Innovation Vision and Culture

Developed a full-day workshop for global R&D leadership of food ingredient company focusing on aligning on a singular culture of innovation for the organization. Conducted multiple preparatory interviews with regional heads to understand diverse priorities and desires from an ideal culture; leveraged these as key inputs to create a meaningful session with tangible outputs.

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