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Our Mission

Since 1983, we have helped organizations across industries harness the power of innovation to fuel growth strategies and develop portfolios of new products and services worldwide.

What Makes KI Unique

Problem Solvers

We believe innovation starts by identifying unmet customer problems, issues, and needs.

Experienced Innovators

Our expertise working across industries allows us to identify opportunities quicker and more effectively.

Trusted Partners

We operate as an extension of your team and understand what it takes to build a culture of innovation in an organization.


Tangible outcomes

KI’s time-tested innovation process yields real business opportunities that fill a pipeline of future new products and/or services.


Knowledgeable Educators

We train innovation teams as a part of our work to assure that our clients learn how to innovate repeatably in the long-term.

Strong Networkers

Our extensive network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovation leaders allows us to facilitate partnerships and connect clients with outside resources for developing innovations.

Executives Trained

 Billion in Revenue Generated from New Innovations

Global Clients

Our Work

Our time-tested methodologies have produced successful innovations for a broad range of clients across industries and sectors.

Examples of Past Clients

“Innovation is the only way companies can survive long term. Discover ways to bring new value to your customers before someone else does.”

Jake Sherman

Principal, Kuczmarski Innovation

Helping Executives Build Innovation Expertise

Training & Executive Education

For over 40 years, Kuczmarski Innovation has taught senior executives around the world how to develop processes, cultures, and mindsets to stimulate innovation growth.

Chicago Innovation

We founded Chicago Innovation to educate, connect, and celebrate innovators and entrepreneurs and create a city-wide ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs.

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