Develop an Innovation Strategy

Identify the innovation growth path that is right for your organization

Diagnostic Assessment

Kuczmarski Innovation leverages experience and a tested process to develop a tailored innovation strategy for your organization.  We will work with you to understand past innovation performance, future goals, and core capabilities to create a set of goals to underline your growth strategy

The Process


Financial Growth Gap

How much financial impact can we expect to see from innovation? How much revenue do we have to bring in to reach our goals?  KI works with your team to create a financial growth gap to answer these critical questions about innovation.


Strategic Roles

How do we actually make innovation happen at the organization? Strategic Roles answer which areas of the business should be most focused on creating and capturing new value based on your goals and operational capabilities.


Screening Criteria & Success Metrics

Turn strategy into reality by holding you and your team accountable with a set of customized filters, screens, and metrics for new products, services, programs, and more to assure that all new innovation developments fit the strategy.

Past Experience


White Space Assessment Leads to Breakthrough New Fleet Management and Logistics Business for Location-Based Services Company

Conducted strategic assessment of multiple potential growth opportunities for global mapping technology firm, ultimately mapping core capabilities with market trends and opportunities to determine ideal space of commercial deliveries. Proceeded with innovation pilot program to develop portfolio of new-to-the-company and new-to-the-world technology solutions within the fleet management and logistics industry.


Mexican Steel Corporation Develops Innovation Strategy, Culture, and New Offerings for Scrap, Wire, Steel, and Logistics Businesses

Conducted diagnostic assessment to develop innovation strategy and governance system within Mexico’s largest steel company. Lead multiple teams across key business units to pilot innovation programs and develop portfolios of new products, services, and business models.

The capabilities to create the future.

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