The Innovator's Connection

Connecting innovators of all kinds and scaling capabilities

Our Proven Process

The Innovator’s Connection

Fostering high-opportunity connections and strategic alliances for your organization

Needs Assessment

We dive deep to understand your goals, capabilities, and priorities to help develop an innovation and connection strategy for your organization.

How the Process Works

We have one of the largest databases of startups and technology firms across all industries, featuring thousands of: 

Innovative New Products
Enterprise Solutions & B2B Services
Breakthrough Technologies
Disruptive Business Models

Match Portfolio

We leverage the Needs Assessment to curate a list of high-opportunity candidates for strategic partnerships.

Improved efficiency of partner vetting process
Understand detailed start-up capabilities and leverage into new business opportunities

Demo Day

We work with your selected potential candidates to develop curated pitches for your leadership team.

Position your organization as a center for innovation and collaboration
Engage employees on the latest innovation trends and cutting-edge technologies

Multiple Demonstration Styles Available Both Virtually and In-Person

“Shark Tank” pitch days for key stakeholders and decision-makers to evaluate potential partners

Tradeshows which allow for greater attendance and 1-on-1 engagement with start-up leaders

Ongoing Facilitation

Our team maintains continued engagement between your team and selected partners in order to foster formalized strategic partnerships

Find your “MATCH”

The capabilities to create the future.

Ready to get started?