Training & Workshops

Kuczmarski Innovation has trained managers and senior executives across the world through customized workshops and seminars. 

We offer a series of highly tailored workshops designed to:

Create a roadmap towards launching new products & services for customers

Share the right tools to instill a culture of innovation

Leave clients with an action plan of how to infuse innovation into your organization’s strategy, process, and culture

Explore Our Customizable Training Workshops

Activating the Innovation Process

In this two-day seminar, your leaders will learn how to leverage our 7-Step Innovation Process and tested best practices in order to develop market validated new products, services, and process enhancements. 

Innovation doesn’t start by coming up with new ideas; learn the techniques to understand unmet customer/consumer problems and needs to focus innovation efforts on high-opportunity areas.

Planning for Strategic Growth

  • Financial Growth Goal 76% 76%
  • Resource Capabilities 62% 62%
  • Innovative Culture Progress 84% 84%

This tailored workshop puts your senior management team in the driver’s seat to create a roadmap to growth through innovation.  The Kuczmarski Innovation team will guide your leaders in creating a customized innovation strategy and approach to meet both short and long-term financial and growth goals. 

Once we have identified the proper strategy to move forward, we will help leadership lay the groundwork for the process, resources, and culture needed to turn this strategy into reality. 

Fostering an Innovation Culture

Learn to create and lead an organizational culture centered around innovation in this 2-day workshop for executives and team leaders.  Our team will teach tangible techniques and practices that companies around the world have used to develop their own widespread innovation cultures, including:


Leveraging Values-Based Leadership


Defining Your Unique Leadership Style


Activating a Leadership and Culture Plan


Creating Rewards and Recognition Programs


Peopleship: Leading from Behind

Peopleship Development Series

In this Kuczmarski Innovation workshop series, you can get hands-on experience from award-winning authors, Tom and Susan Kuczmarski, on how to best lead with a new style of leadership which puts people first – peopleship.

Unique Learning Approach

Leaders across your organization will meet with our experts in 3 half-day sessions over the course of 2 months enabling hands-on learning and real-world application

Unlock the Power of Peopleship

Learn how to leverage Tom and Susan’s new approach to leadership – Peopleship – which focuses on lifting people up in the organization and recognizing their efforts.

Integrate Learnings in Real Time

Attendees will learn how to integrate these learnings into their own organization in between sessions with guidance and feedback from our KI Peopleship experts.

Ready to Inspire Change?

All of our programs are tailored and customized to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. If you’re interested in learning more and making innovation a reality at your organization, please contact us at [email protected]